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Kozhevnikovsky district

The territory of Kozhevnikovsky district is 3 907, 5 km².

The number of settlements is 39.

The number of rural okrugs is 9.

Kozhevnikovsky district borders on:

  • Shegarsky district in the north (the boundary length is 90,8 km)
  • Tomsk district in the east (91 km)
  • Novosibirsk region (256, 5 km) in the east, southeast, south and west.

The total boundary length of Kozhevnikovsky district is 438,3 km.

The administrative center of Kozhevnikovsky district is Kozhevnikovo village.

The population of the district is 23,9 thousand people, Kozhevnikovo village has 8707 people. 

The history of Kozhevnikovsky district started many years ago.

The settlements of ancient hunters and fishermen who lived 5 - 7 thousand years ago were discovered by Tomsk archeologists on the island near Baturino village and Mogilniki village on the banks of the river Tagan.  Stone axes, arrow-heads, scrapers, ceramic crockery with ornament show that they belong to the Stone Age.

The following species of animals which are in the Red Book of the Russian Federation (endangered species) live on the territory of Kozhevnikovsky district: gyrfalcon, black stork, desman, eagle, golden eagle and others.

Hunting of such animals as elk, wolf, hare, fox, mink, bear, black grouse, hazel-grouse, willow grouse, wild duck, woodcock, goose, lynx is widespread. 

The woodland of the district occupies 27 % (compare, woodland of Tomsk oblast is 62 %).

The total reserves of wood in forests of the district are 3,7 mln. m³, among them ripe and those that stand too long are 0, 2 mln m³ (76,9 %), including fir trees 0,06 mln m³ (23,1 %).

The total area of cedar forests is 165 hectares with reserves more than 44, 5 thousand m³. The felling of cedar forests on the territory of the district and region is banned. 

There are several deposits of brick clay (Kozhevnikovskoe, Urtamskoe), peat-beds (Arkadevo, Dubrovka villages) on the territory of this district. There are 8 nature monuments: 2 geological and 6 botanic ones. The special importance has cedar forests which grow near villages. The have water guarding, environment regulating, sanitary-hygienic, recreation functions (Bazoisky – the largest in the region, Desyatovsky, Novo-Troitsky, Staro-chernovsky, Yuvalinsky ), pine forests (Nikolsky and Irinsky). 

Address: 636160, Gagarina Street, 17, Kozhevnikovo village of Tomsk oblast
Fax: (244) 2-23-45
Telephone: (244) 2-23-44
Internet address: http://www.kog.tomskinvest.ru

Links (Tomsk and Tomsk oblast) 

Official information server of Tomsk oblast
The State Duma of Tomsk oblast 

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